Sugaring, skincare, and brows services for Dripping Springs and Austin, Texas

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Sugar-Skin provides sugaring, skin treatments, and brows services in Dripping Springs and Austin, Texas.

Making others feel beautiful one premiere service at a time.

Our mission at Sugar-Skin is to provide a welcoming and comfortable space for women to treat themselves to self-care, ask any and all questions, and to imbue the “I’m Ready!” Feeling!

Inspired by energetic lifestyles and a passion for boosting confidence in others, Sugar-Skin offers premier services that allow others to treat themselves and feel good doing it.


Sugaring is a gentle alternative to wax providing an all-natural approach to hair removal while exfoliating and encouraging skin health.  Unlike wax, sugar is clean of chemicals and resins and safe for sensitive skin. We use sugar for all hair removal treatments; even brow shaping!  Sugar is safe for sensitive skin making it the ideal mechanism for removing body and facial hair because it will not irritate the skin. With consistent sugaring, the follicles begin to deplete, where you will start to notice diminished hair growth, and then permanency! Learn more about hair removal services and options available.

Sugaring & Memberships

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Forever Furless Memberships

Consistency is the key to permanency! The fastest way to be forever furless is with our cost-effective membership plans. To stop hair growth for good, it’s essential to extract hair recurrently while still in the first stage of development. The optimal amount of time between sugaring is two to four weeks, so the Forever Furless membership sets up your sugar treatments to take place monthly or semi-monthly.



Sugar.Skin.Yoga. Skin Services

Skin treatment options include facial hair removal, dermaplane, chemical peels, and custom face and back treatments.

Option to make your treatment a one-hour facial includes triple cleansing, exfoliating polish, extractions, and custom post-treatment care.  We focus on face and back treatments, specializing  teen, adult, and mature skin types!

Skin Treatments


Brows are quickly becoming a favorite service at Sugar-Skin!  We offer eyebrow shaping and tinting curated to your brow goals.  So much is possible with brow tints and shaping with sugar.  It’s a wonderful and healthy alternative to microblading.  Contact Kendall today to learn more and book your brows appointment!


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Meet Kendall

Kendall Marquardt, owner of Sugar Skin LLC, is a licensed esthetician with a passion for helping you achieve smooth, healthy, beautiful skin.

Sugar-Skin was established in January 2021 in Austin, Texas.

Sugaring and skincare are Kendall’s favorites for achieving radiant skin and a happy body!

Kendall Marquardt, owner of Sugar-Skin


Kendall dropped the razor for good when she discovered sugaring as an alternative to shaving. She has an elated enthusiasm for sugaring because it is a natural, chemical-free method that combines hair removal and skin exfoliation.

Sugar Services


Kendall loves helping her clients get excited about skincare, and brows! She believes in using effective high-quality ingredients and a consistent regimen to quickly achieve smooth and radiant skin. See progress, gain confidence, and make positive strides toward your skincare goals and start today!

Skin Services

Kendall's Certifications

  • Sugar Hair Removal Specialist
  • Advanced Skincare and Cosmetic Ingredients
  • Advanced Acne
  • Chemical Peels
  • Dermaplaning Specialist
  • Kendall is the best!  My eyebrows get so thin and light in color and she tints them perfectly every time!  About to start going for facials too!  Along with hair removal… And so on.  I will review again once I’ve had the other services.  As for eyebrows and eyelashes I am extraordinarily happy!
    Sharon Walker
  • Kendall did a wonderful job sugaring my arms!  She is a kind and accommodating professional, and I couldn’t recommend her more.
    Kim De La Cruz
  • This was my first sugaring experience and all I can say is if you’re thinking about it - definitely book here.  Kendall is a totally chill professional who makes you feel relaxed during what is not a naturally relaxing experience ?.  Not to mention the number of compliments I’ve gotten on my brows!  I’ll be back for sure - thanks Kendall!!
    Anna Wasim
  • Kendall was great!  At the start of our appointment, she broke down the difference between sugaring and waxing, and how it is a wonderful, natural, effective alternative.  She described exactly what to expect and was very communicative throughout the whole process.  She is very sweet, very knowledgeable and professional, and creates a comfortable environment.  2 days out, I am VERY satisfied with the results of my Brazilian Treatment! I will be back!
    Courtney Aguilar
  • Kendall was awesome!  I've gotten sugared before and definitely feel comfortable going back for more appointments.  She'll chat with you a bit beforehand to explain the process if you're new.  If you've been sugaring for a while you'll be in and out in 15mins.  Excited to go back!  Thanks, Kendall!
    Jasmine Wilks
  • Highly recommend!  Kendall is super nice and patient. She takes her time and is very thorough. She was also flexible and took me back early!
    Haley Beeson
  • Kendall embodied a true professional by keeping an excellent "bedside manner" and answering any questions I had about the service and aftercare. She was knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable and less like I was at an awkward Gyno appointment, which I very much appreciated. I walked out of there as smooth as glass! And the results have been EXTREMELY long-lasting.
    Hannah Velasco
  • I have never been happier than with the lash extensions [Kendall] applied—they were so natural and provided just the right amount of volume and lift! It was exactly what I wanted. Kendall has always been my go-to for everything beauty- I can count on her to answer all of my questions and give the best tips. She was born for this!
    Kaki Gaines
  • Kendall is passionate about beautifying and enhancing her client’s natural beauty. The best thing is that Kendall will perform these procedures in the comfort of your own home/apartment. Kendall makes your spa-like experience the best you’ve ever imagined. Kendall’s positive attitude, knowledge in the field, and her “can-do” professionalism, balanced with her fun and easygoing personality make getting esthetic enhancements a pure joy!
    Karla Kay

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