Sugaring by Sugar.Skin.Yoga.

Why Sugar?

Sugaring provides an all-natural approach to hair removal while exfoliating and encouraging skin health. Unlike wax, sugar is clean of chemicals and resins and safe for sensitive skin. With consistent sugaring, the follicles begin to deplete, where you will start to notice diminished hair growth, and then permanency!

Sugaring vs. Waxing

Sugaring is superior to regular waxing for several reasons:
  • Pure and 100% Natural
  • It will not stick to live skin cells
  • It will not break hairs like wax
  • It is more sanitary being 100% hygienic
  • Can remove very short hairs
  • It can lead to hair removal permanency
  • No need to let hair grow, grow, grow (hair can be 2mm or less!)


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Forever Furless Memberships

Consistency is the key to permanency! To stop hair growth for good, it’s essential to extract hair recurrently while still in the first stage of development. The optimal amount of time between sugaring is two to four weeks, so the Forever Furless membership sets up your sugar treatments to take place monthly or semi-monthly.

Ladies' Memberships

Brazilian & Underarms Sugaring

*Most Popular!

$75 every 4 weeks

$70 every 2-3 weeks

Half Leg Sugaring

Lower or Upper Leg
*Full Leg +$45/session

$55 every 4 weeks

$50 every 2-3 weeks


Brazilian, Underarms, Half Leg Sugaring

Lower or Upper Leg
*Full Leg +$45/session

$130 every 4 weeks

$125 every 2-3 weeks

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